My-Mystic Mystery Farm
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New Additions 2013

​     Welcome to our humble farm. Thank you for dropping by to visit and take a look at our Farm here in Pritchett, TX.     

      We have and will have next year 2014

Fresh Hydroponic Produce

Eggs that are low in Cholestrol
Easter Eggs

Fresh Goats Milk

 P>S> This boy looking at you, his name is Bambi, and he will be one of those lucky buck's to have son and grand-daughters here on this farm. Our herd are all the Nubian breed and our breeding program is for the old robust goat, that carry the polled genes, that were built to be dairy, giving lots of rich butterfat that goat's milk produces. No chemicals, growth harmone's, or poison's to pollute the milk or hurt the livestock and the best for human consumption. 

Two new litters are due in middle of March 2014